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I can not increase the number beyond 4 or else your previous saves will start losing random/previously recorded values.

I do have a clever way you can get more than 4 Saves (Farms).
This SAME website can ALSO be accessed here:

If you use 4 saves on then that's it.
If you need another 4, then go to gog2. If you still need more, go to gog3, gog4 and gog5.

Each subdomain (website) counts as a totally brand new website.
What you save on gog will not be the same on gog2, gog3, gog4, gog5.

In conclusion gog will give you 4 saves. gog2 will give you another 4 (total 8). gog3 another 4 (total 12), gog4 another 4 (total 16), gog5 another 4 (total 20).